Our Services

Trio Support Services provides Support Workers to assist people with disabilities, ageing members of our community, youth and children.

Assistance with Self-Care Activities

We provide Assistance with Self-Care Activities in-home to assist our participants with their day to day personal care requirements. This support is tailored to the specific needs of the participant.

Activities of Daily Living

Trio Support Services can assist our participants with budgeting, meal planning and managing your day to day schedule. This may include attending courses and helping you to maintain your independence.

Development of Life Skills

Trio Support Services can assist participants to develop everyday skills that we all take for granted. From accessing community activities, helping catch public transport, budgeting, meal planning and preparation, our staff will be there to help the participants with all of their needs.

Assistance with Household Tasks

Trio Support Services has dedicated home care staff that will come and perform essential house cleaning activities that the participant is not able to undertake.

Community Access & Social Support

Our support workers are able to assist participants to get out and about in the community. From attending doctors appointments to going for a coffee or the movies, our staff will be there to help you get you to and from where you need to go with the support you need.

Welfare Checks

Trio Support Services has staff available to relieve the pressures on family and friends by dropping in on our participants to make sure that they are ok.

Supported Independent Living

Providing Supported Independent living, Trio Support Services is able to assist participants to live as independently as possible, whist always being there to offer support when required. We will encourage you to be independent and capable whilst living in your own environment.